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About Us

WELCOME to the Bible Promotions Site the Organizer/Promoter of the Website Designed the site for Bible Promotions to Spread Words of God around the World thru this Website uniting people to GOD Thru Jesus Christ.  The Bible Website were Orienting Teaching People on Bible and encourage to uplift and unite people anywhere in the world to uplift their spiritual belief to GOD Thru Jesus Christ.  The Bible Promotions promoting to the people to Offer Praise and Pray to GOD,  Worship GOD and keep Belief in God and Unity to GOD and Jesus Christ.  The Praise and Prayer Items has the Bible Verses Words of God of offering Praise and Prayer and petition and prayers offerings to God.  Read the Bible Offerings and Praise and pray it to GOD have a little Time for your spiritual unity to God.  The Promoter/organizer also provide a tailored offerings of prayers to GOD will found in the item, Praise and Pray to GOD with all of your Heart…….

The Bible Promotions Website Also encourage everyone in the world to Join participate in Bible Promotions post your Bible Verses knowledge in http//  spread the Words of God care for spiritual life……

The Bible Lights Promotions is a Catholic Christian Believers volunteer to serve GOD Promoting and Spreading the Words and Lights of God, The Bible...The Bible Lights Promotions Uniting People keep in Faith to God.....The Bible Lights Promotions Promotes and Unite all the People in Belief to GOD thru Jesus Christ.

The Bible Website Spreads the Lights of GOD thru Jesus Christ with the help of Mother Mary Mother of Jesus Christ our Lord the Saviour…We believe and Pray Mother Mary helps us on her Miracles and lights and Apparitions and lights us in our faith to God thru Jesus Christ....

The Bible Lights Promotions, lights the people on spreading Bible words lights spirits and teachings and the lights and Miracle of Mother Mary lights us in Bible lights Promotions in the world, Keep Faith to God thru Jesus....

GOD and JESUS and MOTHER MARY Lights Bless Us…….

 Peace and Love

 Bible Promoter/Organizer

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