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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Prelate stresses importance of Year of Faith

From the Website of CBCP

Prelate stresses importance of Year of Faith

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Archbishop Ramon Arguelles
MANILA, August 7, 2013—With only few months left before the Year of Faith ends, a Catholic prelate on Saturday reminded the faithful of the importance of this period to the life of Catholics, urging them to renew their faith and contribute efforts to make the spirit of the church more present and alive among mankind.
Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said secular influences that contradict church ideals have to be countered by strengthening one’s grip to Catholic morals and values.

“Nowadays, the nations are not praising the Lord. In fact, the trend of the world is to set God aside,” he said in his homily during the Marian Conference held at the San Carlos Seminary.

According to him, the Year of Faith was declared to recognize the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council in 1962. The Year of Faith is being celebrated from October 11 last year to November 24 of this year.

“The 50 years of the Second Vatican Council is an indication for us to look more deeply to our faith…It was supposed to be a means for the church to become more alive as it helped it cope in the modern world,” Arguelles said.

Faith renewal 

The prelate noted that a vital part of faith renewal is the need for individuals to recognize the supremacy of the Divine to all mankind.

“We have to acknowledge that everything has to be returned to its original owner… all blessings coming from God should be returned to Him,” he said.

Just like how the scriptures stress the importance of the Sabbath day, Arguelles emphasized the need for humans to take a break from their daily grind and be in touch with their faith and personal selves.

“The reason there is a seventh day is for us to rest in God, go back to Him, recover our strength, and be more alive again,” he said.

“But nowadays, we are so busy almost every day of the week that we tend to forget that He is the one who gives us strength and life. We are given Sunday, the day the Lord rose again from the dead, the day He made our humanity glorious. That is the day of our union with God,” he added.

Mary as model 

Arguelles said Catholics must heed the example of Mary in acknowledging God for she is the model of the church, as contrasted with those who refuse to recognize Divine sovereignty.

“Mary lived only for Christ and if she loves us immensely, it is because of her fidelity to Christ. All her life belongs to God. That is what we should learn from her for she is the true model of the church,” he said.

Following the example of Mary entails a great task among Catholics, the prelate noted.
“We who have been called by the Holy Mother should not just feel privileged. We must also feel that this task is so important to tell the rest and let them recognize God’s sovereignty all over,” he said.

“We can only find fulfillment in Him. It is our mission, our task. Together with our Holy Mother, let us accomplish this mission,” Arguelles noted. (Jennifer M. Orillaza)

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