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Saturday, 3 August 2013

God rules on prayers by love instead of power, priest says

From the Website of CBCP

God rules on prayers by love instead of power, priest says

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MANILA, August 1, 2013—Prayers are not like wishes to a genie in a bottle, a French priest said.

Fr. Matthieu Dauchez, executive director of Tulay ng Kabataan foundation, an organization that provides residential and outreach programs for street children in Manila, said on Saturday that prayers uttered by individuals are not simply granted by the Lord like magic.

“Most of the time, we would like our prayer to be like magic—everything we want, everything we wish, everything we would like from this world to become true will become true at once,” he said.

“But God is not like this because our God is not a magician. Our God is a God of love. He wants us to be part of His love, He wants us to be part of His fight,” he added.

He noted that people must not feel impatient whenever their prayers remain unanswered for the Lord rules on them by love instead of power.

“If our God is just following our orders, following what we want, He will just be a powerful God (and not a loving one)… but because He is speaking of love, God will never agree that He will be answering our prayer out of power. He wants us to be part of His plan. He wants to do it out of love,” Dauchez said.

The French priest said that once people have accepted this reality, they will gain a wider understanding of faith and spirituality and will better appreciate the value of Divine Intervention.

“When we understand this, we will realize that the intention is really beautiful. In this world, evil will always be done even to the most innocent. Our world is like this but it does not mean that God agrees, it does not mean that we all agree,” he noted.

The priest also noted the importance of prayer, adding that if people would live the faith they profess, the world will be a much better place to live in as it will be ruled by God’s love instead of the self-serving whims and caprices of humans.
“Sometimes, especially when we are in front of suffering, when we are in front of evil…we can’t help but ask, ‘Lord, is your will done really?…But why is it like this?’,” he said.

“We will fight for His will to be done. We will fight for this kingdom of God,” he added.

Dauchez added that challenges inevitably come to everyone, further noting that they strengthen one’s faith to the Divine.

“All of us who are behind God, let us do this with prayer. His will be done, but not out of power, out of love…We who are gathered have to believe to this love He has given to us,” he said. (Jennifer M. Orillaza)

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